Greetings people,

I am very excited to present to you a product of my own design meant for your free use as long as it's not for commercial use.
a password Generator that has no internet connection, no database and is persistent per usage on all computers.

What does this mean?
1. No more databases hacked in order to grab your passwords
2. Unique passwords for each website you sign up to without needing to think about what to place there.
3. No more long thoughts about the next new password for the bank, you've got 4 passwords per pass generation.
4. Apart from a few websites, these passwords give you usable secure passwords (no password is hack proof, but it gives more security when your password ain't copied across websites / programs)

Say goodbye to your need for passwords, say hello to Passgen!

This software will never be bundled with any other program and should never transmit any information across the internet, if you have downloaded it from anywhere but you might have acquired a keylogged version of the same software.

Keylogging is the process of recording all that you type and then sending it in a manner to the programmer of that malware.

If you paid for this software, you were deceived, this software is free for personal use!

For added protection, commercial version of this software have their password generations differently than the personal use.

I shall soon release a place to acquire by contacting me the commercial version.

Download (11 April 2016)
A simple 10 letter and numbers 4 passwords generator
Download (2 October 2015)
2 more complex password generation which adds dots to the passwords and generates much longer passwords.

More to come soon!


There is an update to, For easier continuous usage.