Simple guide: VPN vs proxy


I've decided today to write to you on a subject which many get confused about due to it's small technical differences.

What is a proxy or vpn?

To put it in simplest terms, a proxy or vpn is a server on the internet which allows traffic to be rerouted through itself.

What then is the difference?

While both allow to reroute traffic proxies mostly are just for http traffic (port 80, Web surfing) and not necessarily encrypted, While this may be good if you wish to surf a website which is blocked in your country, It does not give you complete anonymity on the web.

No ads please


Do you have a website you do like to visit but since it gained popularity the owners decided to throw in a bunch of ads that bug you that you can't take them away?

For a while there was adblock, but it was sold now and the new owners made his intentions clear to allow some ads to go through even if the user doesn't want any ads.

So I shall give you two tools that are awesome and work great, plus, I use them myself.

I shall start with one that is more adaptive and does not require lists updates from a servers.
Both are addons available on Chrome and Firefox.

Corrupt windows files / installation


Hey friends

I've decided to make a very short guide how to fix a corrupt windows (corrupt files / system / registry)

you have 4 tools at your disposal that should be available to you at any time:
1. Windows installation cd / usb
2. sfc command
3. dism command
4. Malwarebytes anti malware (optional)

Windows 7, 8, 8.1 Logging fix


Today i bring to you a small "quick fix" of a few privacy related updates that were issued by Microsoft.

These updates affect your privacy by allowing Microsoft to scan and mine your PC for information.
Their claim is that it only searches for illegal copies of programs / games but I don't think it's their right to
take away our privacy on our computer.

My information is based on this article:


Greetings people,

I am very excited to present to you a product of my own design meant for your free use as long as it's not for commercial use.
a password Generator that has no internet connection, no database and is persistent per usage on all computers.

Scam Example

I have just now received this attempt of scam to my Gmail,
While this is web related it can happen in whatever other field you may work or study at.
It might come from your university or your place of work.

This is quite advanced since they did some research to find out my real name and didn't just post what my name as it appears at Gmail.

If you ever receive a mail from an institute or place that asks you to follow a link, instead of following the link access the website of that place by typing the address yourself manually and making sure.


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