What is my IP

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What is an IP?
The IP stands for Internet Protocol, it is the protocol in which to set the address for every
computer on the internet.

Think of an IP like a coordinate system that GPS use or a home address.

It is safest to check your IP using HTTPS protocol to avoid any sniffers getting your address.

if you wish to remain anonymous online you should think of using a SECURE proxy or VPN.

Proxy - Another computer on the internet acting as a buffer between you and the destination server,
thus the destination server will only see the proxy's IP and not the origin's IP.

Difference between proxy and VPN - A proxy is mostly used for a specific service,
such as browsing the internet. A VPN basically does the same job except it funnels all the communication
done by the origin through a VPN server. Allowing the origin's IP to remain unknown for all communication
channels. (Browser, messenger, skype, AOL, Torrents, etc.)

Aren't proxies and VPNs used by people with ill intent? actually, most uses of VPNs and proxies are
completely legitimate. The bad name it acquired is due to the news channels depicting it in a bad

Why should I use a proxy or VPN? For safety reasons. Say you are staying at an hotel in which there
is a public wifi available for all residents, when you connect to it, every person connected to that
wifi hotspot can sniff out all your communication. Using a secure proxy or VPN you can encrypt your
communication from being easily eavesdropped