Got hacked? what now?


Okay, so you've been hacked, it happens, here's a guide for what to do right after you discovered you got hacked.

First of all once you have discovered you were hacked, RELAX! I cannot stress that enough that you should relax, it happens to the best that an account gets hacked, now that you are relaxed browse on to the steps you should do now that you were hacked.

1. Before you access any more information and check for stuff, run a malware and antivirus scan using up to date software (Malwarebytes anti malware is a great product to clean any malware or PUPs). Don't do the rest of the steps on a malware or virus infected machine.

2. Go to your email account, check your security settings on your account and check whether your alternate email or backup email there hasn't been altered to an email of the hacker.
If it was, change it back to yours.

3. If the account that got hacked has the same password as your email, change your email password and don't use approximately the same password (for example your password was smartpass123, don't go using smartpass456 since it's easy to guess)

4. Consider adding the 2 step verification to your email account to avoid your email being hacked in the future.

5. Check your login history on the security panel in your email, and check whether there are any illogical logins to your accounts.

6. Change passwords on all accounts which share this accounts password (even though you shouldn't have the same password on more than 1 account)

7. Send an email or contact the company in question that got hacked and tell them they got hacked and that they should do any steps necessary to clean the security breach.

8. if your email has been hacked then send out an email to all your contact list (preferably using bcc) explaining that you got hacked and that if they got an email from you that sounds suspicious, to verify with you whether it was you who sent it to them.

9. Access your bank account and double check you didn't do any payments that you haven't authorized, and check it more in the following month

Lastly, go get yourself a cup of coffee or tea and rest knowing you have done all you need to do to secure your accounts.