Why YOU need bloatware!


It's that time of the year again when you revisit your computer's installations in an effort to see what you have installed since a friend asks you "what's new on your pc?".

Though this question sounds innocent, it's anything but innocent.

If you say nothing, well, you are just a boring person, if you just give new games as examples, you will be thought of as not serious, what are your options you ask?

Well, everyone says bloatware is bad, but why? i mean, it is software and gives you a lot more software than you asked for, if 1 is good, 10 is better, isn't it?
Also, bloatware comes with spyware and adware, all good stuff to have to deal with.

Next time that friend asks you what's new, you will show them you have spyware and adware on your pc and maybe even some pure unneeded and unwanted programs doing nothing good on your computer.

You showed them, right?