Program: Shutdown Version 2.2


I am happy to present to you a new program for your personal usage!


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About Shutdown Ver 2.2.0

Shutdown is a program made to allow for timed based shutdowns fully configurable in order to use on a pc without needing to access the configurations every time

you wish to run the timer.

Although the name might suggest otherwise, Shutdown also allows you to run a script / file after set time.

There are 3 files in the zip as follows:

1. Shutdownv[program version].exe
2. shutdo.exe
3. Readme.txt

Shutdownv[program version].exe is the configuration file.

Shutdo.exe runs the commands with no need for user interactions.

Readme.txt contains the license of usage and the way to use it.

If you wish to run the shutdo.exe at startup, place a shortcut of the file at the startup folder in the start menu.

Download link: Shutdown

Change log

1.0 - was released over 3 years ago and had only an option to shutdown, restart or log off
2.0 - new UI was devised and commands compatible with windows 10 have been placed inside and had the timer option added
2.1 - added standby, notification sound every 10 seconds from set time
2.2 - added a script option, to allow to run a specific script after X time.