Windows 10 First impressions review


After getting to know windows 10 a bit after upgrading the pc at work I've decided to give some highlights of the good, the bad and the ugly.

The good:
1. More responsive, Faster to operate
2. Memory is managed slightly better
3. Settings are easier to access using the search bar

The bad:
1. The blend of windows 8.1 with windows 7 Start menu does it not comfortable for both, They should have just made two options for you to choose from like they did with XP
2. Cortana initially on, While a digital assistant can be great, it should be a question whether you want it to be active
3. No control over when updates are applied and / or downloaded.

The ugly:
1. Some settings to shut down certain features have been well hidden and in the home version removed entirely.
2. Control panel is slightly more confusing than it used to be, you have the notification bar settings and the control panel, not sure why not make them all available through the control panel.

Windows 10 is a step forward from older OSes in regards to speed and memory management, while some features are a welcomed blessing, some are just plain annoying to have been added to the core of windows 10.

While I still have just started using windows 10, I can see some major benefits for gamers, The increased memory management will surely add to the speed of games, and the new directx support will also be a good thing.

The main issue I currently have with windows 10 is their lack of user approvals during installations regarding certain features that might seem an invasion to your privacy.

Whether or not i suggest other to upgrade to Windows 10?
Yes, but...
if you do upgrade to windows 10, you should take certain steps to ensure Windows 10 is working as you wish it to be and not just as Microsoft wishes it to be.

It has been pointed out to me that during fresh installs you have the choice whether or not to enable Cortana.