No ads please


Do you have a website you do like to visit but since it gained popularity the owners decided to throw in a bunch of ads that bug you that you can't take them away?

For a while there was adblock, but it was sold now and the new owners made his intentions clear to allow some ads to go through even if the user doesn't want any ads.

So I shall give you two tools that are awesome and work great, plus, I use them myself.

I shall start with one that is more adaptive and does not require lists updates from a servers.
Both are addons available on Chrome and Firefox.

Privacy badger - an adaptive ads blocking software which does allow ads to be displayed if they follow the do not track policy, meaning, they can display ads as long as those ad are just ads and don't keep records on where you were and when. If one of those respective ads does leave a cookie on your computer, privacy badger shall delete that cookie.

Ghostery - A more comprehensive list based ad blocking addon which grants you an ad free experience if you so choose. You do need to set the things you wish it to block after the installation, it allows you to block only certain types of ads or trackers or block them altogether, it's your choice.

Both are 100% free and can run along together without interfering with one another.

Enjoy a speedier tidier web browsing!