Corrupt windows files / installation


Hey friends

I've decided to make a very short guide how to fix a corrupt windows (corrupt files / system / registry)

you have 4 tools at your disposal that should be available to you at any time:
1. Windows installation cd / usb
2. sfc command
3. dism command
4. Malwarebytes anti malware (optional)

Steps you should take:
under the elevated cmd (enter cmd in the run and menu click it and "run as administrator")
if your windows still boots up you should then start with the sfc command:
sfc /scannow
You might need to restart into safe mode in order to successfully repair the files using sfc if it tells you it is unable to repair in the normal windows load.

If sfc command fails but you can still load up your windows your more in case of emergency tool would be the dism tool
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

If your windows is loading but stuff are just not working correctly or making strange problems use Malwarebytes anti malware, after you install it, go to settings -> detection and protection -> check the scan for rootkits option and you then do a "threat scan", this should take about 15-30 minutes the first time it's run.

If your windows failed loading or is too corrupt to actually even load you should use your windows installation disc or USB drive and run the repair tool, in most cases it shall be able to restore your system to working order, from there do the steps above to fix everything else.

These are the basic steps to restore a malfunctioning system.